1. How to find the key mapping recommended by NoxPlayer official? 


In general, When you run the games/apps in NoxPlayer, if the suggested key-mapping has been set, it will be displayed on your screen by default. and users also can also check the keyboard configuration by clicking Key-set on the toolbar or the shortcut (ctrl+1).

Take 【Avena of Valor】as an example:

You will directly see the key-set showed on your screen.

2. How to customize the key mapping according to your own needs? 


NoxPlayer also supports users to customize the key-mapping according to your own habits. Take Free Fire as an example:

1. Click key-set on your home screen

2. Click’+’ to set your own key-mapping

 3. Configure the keys you needed and save the settings.

Note: After all settings, you can name your keyboard configuration in order to find and switch the customized keyset as soon as possible.

3. How to configure the keys for MOBA?

MOBA Skill Pad (Smart Cast skill in the direction of mouse cursor in MOBA game)

  • Click Keyset
  • Click MOBA skill pad and drag the key to the attack button, then set a key.
  • Save the key

Attack button/General Strike

  • Click Keyset
  • Click 【single click】 and drag the button to the attack position(at the lower right corner by default)
  • set a key for the button according to your need
  • save the key

Move Control (Move with right click in MOBA game)

  • Click Key-set
  • Click Move control
  • Drag to the direction area and move with right-click
  • Save the key


Click here to check the key-set in detail.