1. How to find the key mapping recommended by NoxPlayer official? 


In general, When you run the games/apps in NoxPlayer, if the suggested key-mapping has been set, it will be displayed on your screen by default. and users also can also check the keyboard configuration by clicking Key-set on the toolbar or the shortcut (ctrl+1).

You will directly see the key-set showed on your screen.

2. How to customize the key mapping according to your own needs? 


NoxPlayer also supports users to customize the key-mapping according to your own habits. Take Free Fire as an example:

1. Click key-set on your home screen

2. Click’+’ to set your own key-mapping

 3. Configure the keys you needed and save the settings.

Note: After all settings, you can name your keyboard configuration in order to find and switch the customized keyset as soon as possible.

3. How to configure the keys for MMORPG?

D-PAD(control the moving direction)

  • Click Keyset
  • Click D-PAD and drag the key to the walking direction. The system sets WASD by default, you can customize according to your needs like 【↑↓← →
  • Save the key

Attack button

  • Click Keyset
  • Click 【single click】 and drag the button to the attack position(at the the lower right corner by default)
  • set a key for the button according to your need
  • save the key

View control

  • Click Keyset
  • Click View control
  • Choose the mouse or keyboard

Note:View Control by the Mouse: For example, if you set the “ctrl” button to rotate the view, and move the mouse with long-pressing the button without releasing your hand;
View Control by the Keyboard: the default key is ↑ ↓ ← →, you can directly control the view by the four keys, or you can change the key according to your habits;
The effect brought by the two modes is the same, choose one according to your own habits;

  • Save the key


Click here to check the key-set in detail.