What is the Macro key(Script)?

A Macro(Script) is a series of actions based on the command of NoxPlayer that are played” upon demand with one click.

How to set Macro/Script?

1. Click keyset on the toolbar

2. Select the “Script” and drag a Script key to the target area

3. Click the edit button next to the Script key to edit

4. Save the key

Tutorial and Command list 

Some Detailed Game Scene and Command-line

Scene1: Use tab to view the map 

Game:Free Fire



click 1000 8000


click 120 426

Note: The press and release command usually bound with other actions. You can assign different actions under the press and release action. They are often used in FPS and MOBA games to view the map and open backpack.

Note: The resolution setting is 1600*900 by default, so please make sure that your emulators are at the same resolution, otherwise the coordinates may be offset ~ the player needs to manually modify the coordinates


  1. Set a Macro(Script) key “M”
  2. Click the edit button to enter Macro editor
  3. Enter the press, release and the assigned actions
  4. Click the Macro(Script) key “M” to view the map with the press and release the “Tab” key

Click here to check more command-lines.