NoxPlayer is an Android emulator developed on the Android system and it’s extremely fast and stable. However, it’s performance relies much on the performance of the hosting PC as well. We have summarized some methods to speed it up if you have encountered graphic glitches or feel that it’s slow and laggy.

If you have these problems the first time you run Nox, here are some suggestions for how to fix them:

1. Enable VT on your PC: >Click here for details<
2. Customize CPU & RAM allocated to Nox App Player: >Click here for details<
3. Update your Graphics Card Drivers. We recommend this tool called “Driver Genius Professional
4. Enable the graphics card with higher performance in your computer.

a. How to enable the high-performance graphics card for AMD PC with 2 graphic cards

b. How to enable the high performance NVIDIA graphics card

5. Change the rendering mode in advanced setting: >Click here for details<

If you feel that Nox becomes slower after running for a while, you could try clean up the cache following this tutorial: Clean up Cache to make Nox App Player run faster.