1. When you run the emulator, the pop-up will show on your screen as below, which means that Android 9 has been installed successfully. 

2. You can also check the emulator version and Android version on the upper left corner to make sure if you have installed the Android 9 emulator successfully. 

Note: If your emulator version is V9.0.0.0 but the Android version is Android 7, here is the method to find the 64bit Android 9 emulator: 

1.Find the 64bit icon on your desktop

2. Double click the icon to open multi-instance 

3. You can also customize the emulator name to distinguish it from the Android 7. 

4. Click the icon to start the emulator-Android 9. 

5. You can also create a shortcut of Android 9 to find it more conveniently next time. 

Note: When you click NoxPlayer on your desktop, Android 7 will be started by default. You can choose the different emulator according to your needs. 


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