In this guide, you will be introduced to:

  1. Differences among Android 5/7/9 systems on NoxPlayer
  2. Differences between 32 and 64-bit systems on NoxPlayer



1. Android System

What's Android (Operating System)?

Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software, designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


What's the distinctions between different Android versions on NoxPlayer?

NoxPlayer currently supports Android 5/7/9. For a better compatibility with more latest games, we would recommend you to use Android 7.

1. Android 5 brings a more stable performance in low/medium-end PCs, and performs well in game compatibility. But an increasing number of recent games don't support Android 5 system anymore, causing running troubles of the latest mobile games on this type of system.

2. Android 7 supports the latest games and shows a better gaming performance and smoothness. But Android 7 requires a better PC spec, and its CPU usage is slightly higher than Android 5. Currently, you could try Official version (32-bit) or PRO version (64-bit) of Android 7 on NoxPlayer.

3. Android 9 is released first worldwide by Nox in May 2021, providing the ultimate gaming experience for professional gamers, thus hardware system requirements will be higher for Android 9, and we don't recommend low-end PC users to try this. Its game compatibility is currently lower than the above versions, so it's a beta version. For compatible games, Android 9 supports the longest AFK time (away-from-keyboard) with a stable performance and decreased chances of gamecrash. On Android 9 users could download supported high-spec games directly, such as Genshin Impact.


2. Bit

What's Bit in Computing?

Computers usually manipulate bits in groups of a fixed size, conventionally named "words". Like the byte, the number of bits in a word also varies with the hardware design, and is typically between 8 and 80 bits, or even more in some specialized computers. In the 21st century, retail personal or server computers have a word size of 32 or 64 bits.


What are the distinctions between different bit versions on NoxPlayer?

In 2019, after Google Play announced that the 64-bit version of APK must be provided after an APK's 32-bit version is released, gradually more and more Android developers began to develop the 64-bit version of mobile games and apps. In addition to this policy, games developed today or in the future will require more advanced CPU processing, so more and more games that only support 64-bit versions of Android have started to appear. So, the 64-bit version of NoxPlayer was born.

1. The 32-bit version of Android cannot support installing or opening games and apps that only support the 64-bit version of Android.

2. Android 64-bit version is backward compatible with 32-bit games and apps.

3. Android 64-bit version supports more ROM types than 32-bit version.


In the latest version of NoxPlayer (version 7015), you could add instances of Android 5/7/9 systems at 32/64 bit using multi-instance. Now they are all in one place! (2021/8/20 updated)



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