There are 4 methods to solve the problem when you are stuck at 0-99% at the startup of the emulator:


  1. You've never started NoxPlayer normally: check this detailed tutorial
  2. You've started it normally but it's not working for some reason this time: Create a new instance in Multi-Drive
  3. For Mac users: check this detailed tutorial
  4. Send feedback or contact us



First Method

If you never start the emulator normally, please follow the guide:



Second Method

If you've started the emulator normally before and it stucks at 99% this time suddenly, please try to create a new emulator instance in Multi-Drive:

Find Multi-Drive on your desktop

Open Multi-Drive (find the above icon on your desktop)


For versions of or higher (You could find the version of NoxPlayer on the upper left of its window)

  1. Click Add emulator to create a new instance
  2. Run the new emulator


For versions of –

  1. Click to choose the Andriod version or directly click Add emulator
  2. Run the new emulator

Note: when you directly add an emulator, the Andriod version of the new emulator will be in accordance with your original emulator by default.

Here is a guide to add different Andriod versions: Click here


To back up and import data:

If you cannot open the original emulator instance and you want your data back, you could back up its data and re-import it so that a new instance with your original data can be added. 

For versions of or higher: (check the referral link below for previous versions)

Check this tutorial for detailed instructions.


Third Method

If you are a Mac user, please click here.



Fourth Method

If all the methods as below don’t work for you, please contact us by mail: [email protected] or official Facebook.