Why do you need to backup and restore your data?

The backup/restore data feature is very useful when you want to reinstall NoxPlayer without losing all your data. For instance,If you’re using a guest account to log in to the game, please make sure that back up/import the data before you clean up disk space. Or else, all data will be not restored.

How to set a back-up reminder?

NoxPlayer will pop up a reminder notification at a regular time. You can choose to back up immediately or be reminded next time(7 days, 15days, 30days), and you can also directly set to remind you never. 

***Adjust the reminder time: the system will remind you once every seven days by default, you can change to set 15 or 30 days to pop up the reminder notification, or you can turn off the reminder directly.

***Backup immediately: After clicking "Backup", a reminder message will pop up again, telling you that the emulator will be closed during the process of backing up data, and if you press “Continue to backup”, you need to select the hard disk location for backup storage.

***Reminder later: After clicking "Reminder later", the emulator will ignore this backup reminder, and then execute the next reminder or no more reminder according to your setting.

If you have turned off the reminder and wanna turn on it again, please set it on the settings.

Click the setting icon→Click 【Clean&Backup】→Choose the time period→Save the settings