During the start-up process of NoxPlayer, sometimes, NoxPlayer may not start-up successfully and pop up a notification for Error code 1037.

It means that during the start-up process, the data disk – disk 2 has been found corrupted which caused NoxPlayer cannot start properly. NoxPlayer has to initialize your data disk with your consent to finish the start-up process. There are mainly four reasons for causing this problem:

  1. Sudden power cut
  2. Turn off the PC before shutting down NoxPlayer
  3. BSoD of your computer
  4. Any other improper ways to shut down NoxPlayer


Please avoid the above-mentioned ways to shut down NoxPlayer to prevent Error Code 1037 from happening.


If the emulator data is corrupted and cannot be retrieved, the system will automatically rebuild a new and data-clean emulator for you. You can also try to retrieve the data in the following ways (100% data retrieval is NOT guaranteed).

1. Right-click the icon of NoxPlayer on your desktop >> Open file location


2. Find the folder BignoxVMS


3. Find the folder with the name ending with -prev

As shown, there are two folders with the same opening name "Nox_1", keep only the folder named "Nox_1-prev" and delete the other one without "-prev".

If you cannot find this folder, we are sorry that your data is already lost and cannot be recovered. 


4. Rename the folder ending with -prev

Rename the "Nox_1-prev" folder to "Nox_1", and restart NoxPlayer.