First Situation(Windows)

Some Problems you might meet:

1. Stuck at 0-99% when starting up NoxPlayer:

2. Check the Virtualization technology is enabled or not.

How to enable VT:

3.Confirm that the standalone GPU is turned on

Here is a guide to turn and Switch to High-performance Processor: click here

4. Avoid Bundleware During the Installation of NoxPlayer


5. Disable Windows Firewall and antivirus software according to the settings

For windows firewall: 

For antivirus software:

6. Virtual Machine failed to start.

Tutorial: Click here

7. 1002 error


8. 1017 error

Tutorial: Click here

Last step: If all steps still can’t solve your problem, please contact us by email: [email protected]. We will try our best to solve your problem.

Second Situation(Mac)

If you are the Mac users, please click here.