If you've encountered the error code 1025, please try Quick Repair first. If your issue cannot be resolved after trying Quick Repair, please try the methods below:


1. Disable your firewall: check the tutorial

2. Download the latest version of NoxPlayer from our website and overwrite install. 

Or you can also back up your data first (please link your in game account to your social media account first in case you lose any data) >> uninstall NoxPlayer >> install the latest version of Nox >> reimport your data. To know more about backing up data, check this tutorial.

3. Try using the Multi-Drive shortcut on your desktop to add and launch new instances and see if it might work. In this case you'll get to use a new emulator instance so you'll need to download and install your games again.



If the methods above still cannot resolve your issues and you are still on Android 5 of Nox, you can resolve this by deleting your configuration file. Keep reading for detailed instructions.

P.S. if you don't know if you are using Android 5, you are able to check which version you are using under the More tab >> System info >> Android version


1. Open any file, and type %appdata% into the address bar and hit enter


2. You'll be navigated to the roaming folder. Click AppData to go back to the parent folder AppData

3. Enter the Local folder

4. Find the folder named Nox and enter the folder

5. Open Multi-Drive on your desktop, check and find the configuration files for the emulator instances that are not working (encountering 1025 error). The config files are ended with .ini and they correspond with the number of the emulator instances. For example, clone_Nox_2_conf.ini corresponds to NoxPlayer2 with serial number 2

6. Delete the config file. For example, if it's NoxPlayer2 not working for you, delete clone_Nox_2_conf.ini

Then restart NoxPlayer and your issue will get resolved!

P.S. if you are not sure or if you forget which instance has the 1025 issue, in Multi-Drive you can always Start/Stop emulator instances conveniently. Simply click the button and test.


If the instructions above still cannot resolve your issues, feel free to send us feedback.