Please check the following steps to optimize the performance of multi-instance:

1.Windows-related Setting


a. System Requirements of NoxPlayer

To install NoxPlayer, your computer needs to meet the following requirements:

Nox App Player System Requirements 3.5.1

b. Graphics Card Driver

  1. NVIDIA graphic cards drivers
  2. AMD graphic cards drivers

c. VT and Antivirus Software Setting

  1. Enable VT
  2. Disable Antivirus Software

2. Emulator-related Setting 

Other Settings 

Improve FPS: Click here

3. Note

a. All the steps can only maximize the efficiency of the computer in its software setting. However, if you wanna increase the number of emulators in Multi-instance, you still need to upgrade the computer. It is recommended that Intel with 4 cores CPU and graphics cards of NVIDIA GTX and above.

b. While using multi-instance, please close other apps or browsers that will affect the emulator performance to some extent. 

c. It is not recommended that the overall CPU, memory, and GPU occupation of the computer exceed 90% while creating multi-instance, which will affect the overall fluency of the computer.