Starting from NoxPlayer, the System settings dashboard is simplified/optimized as below:


Customize CPU, graphics rendering mode, resolution settings here. If you need to reset your desktop/clear Google service cache, you'll need to do it here from now on. (Reset desktop and clear Google service cache was originally located at the Restart Android tab)


Customize frame settings, mouse acceleration, zoom scope, ASTC text, and speaker settings here.


Select and change mobile phone model, IMEI, and mobile phone number here. Network settings can be customized here.


Change your preferred display settings like window size and position, virtual button, mouse pattern, toolbar display, order of toolbar here.


Customize the theme here. You can upload both images and videos. For details check this tutorial.


Clean up disk space here. You can also do some data backup and import here. (data backup requires closing the emulator)


Customize startup settings, prompt settings, exit options, UI language, sleep options here. If you would like to go back to the default settings of NoxPlayer, you can choose to restore default settings here.


Set your shortcuts for the keys. Usually you can keep them as default.





Earlier versions:

Here is a brief introduction of the system settings, which can modify some compatible issues like game crashes by switching some options.

1. Performance settings

By changing the performance settings, swtiching the graphics mode, or modifying the resoluting settings, Some issues like game lag or broken image can be solved.

2.High FPS Mode

3. Phone model & Internet

When the game is avalible to your devices, try to change the phone model here.

4. Language

Change the language according to your needs.

5. Feedback and Suggestion

Any problem, please contact us and submit your feedback.