After boosting the performance, FPS also can be largely improved to optimize the gaming experience, especially in the situation that low FPS causes games to crash.  

「Honkai Impact 3D」:original FPS is 80.

After boosting the performance,FPS is 116.

How to improve FPS?

  1. Enable VT: click here
  2. Set power options as high-performance. 

3. Enable discrete graphics card

  1. NVIDIA graphic cards drivers
  2. AMD graphic cards drivers

4. High-FPS mode 

5.Disable Antivirus Software

Open Avast→Click “Protection“→Click “Core Protection

2. Click the “Settings” button on the right side of the screen

3. Select “Core Shields” and turn off the Core Shield Protection

Note: If all the steps have been finished, then please adjust the windows setting as follows:

  1. Right-click the multi-drive icon on your home screen, and choose Properties
  2. Click Compatibility
  3. Click 【Run this program as an administer
  4. Apply and click OK