If you connect the controller successfully, your emulator will show an icon as follows:

Note: For some games, after the controller is successfully connected, the player needs to configure the controller mappinging by themselves before the game can be played normally~

If you can't see the icon, it means that you fail to connect the controller, there are 3 methods to solve the problem:

Method 1 

Please make sure to use the USB to connect the controller. At present, NoxPlayerr only supports USB connection but does not support Bluetooth connection.

Method 2

Check if the controller has connected to your pc in the computer settings. 

  1. Open the Control Panel and click【Hardware and Sound】

2. Click 【Device and Printers】to check if your controller shows on the device list.

Method 3

If the controller icon appears in the "Device", but it is not recognized by the emulator, please disconnect the controller, restart the emulator and try to connect the controller again.